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The Pochettino’s work philosophy applied in Tottenham.

Tottenham Hotspur coach, Mauricio Pochettino talked to UEFA.com about his work philosophy, build a powerfull football and his admiration for Diego Simeone.


About build a philosophy …

A player in the middle of his career don’t think in a philosophy, as when a child plays football. He just thinking in shooting, passing the ball, scoring and so on.

But fortunately one day you feel something is changing. At least my mind changed. I don’t know if it is the same for everyone, but when I was 27-28 I began to feel different emotions. I began to look into the coach world, the skills for managing a team were required and so on.



Everything about the coach work interested me and that was an important point into my career as player because that isn’t moment in which your mind is open enough and that can changed it. Then you begin to know that the end of your career as player is near.

About building something unique …

I have worked together with some experienced coaches and I have learnt something from them all, but  honestly, I haven’t tried to copy their work philosofies. I have been lucky because I have count on very experienced people and I have shared concepts with people who love this game.

You finally build your own philosophy. I never tried to copy a modelo r a philosophy. That was not my intention. Instead of that, I have tried to build something new, something likes me and I could fell as mine, bit by bit. You must build your own concepts, principles and philosophy.


Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham)


About the importanceof the pressure …

I don’t think that plays an offensive football makes your team braver and a counterattacking play more cowarly. All concepts are valid.

You must improve your own plan, based on what you are, when you are building s team. But when you play pression a lot, people say that’s a brave team. That is questionable.



About the consistent …

Every coach and his staff have their own philosophy, the most important thing is to be consistent with what you think. it’s worthless to play in a way you don’t believe.

Things always can change, but the most important thing is don’t loss you way. Football is something that can make you happiness. We produce sensations every momento.

Playing from the back, put a lot of pressure, control the match as we plan during the week: those are emotions that we like to feel, those emotions I want to share with my players.


Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham)


About team spirit …

However, we must set an example, it was what we tried to do when we came here. There’s one detail I can tell you about. We always greet people in somewhere we go.

it’s about sowing the seeds in everything you do, and maybe those seeds grow spontaneously.


About the role of the fans …


What Diego Simeone is doing and achieving with Atlético Madrid is amazing. I think fans are a significant part of all this, they always provide the team an extra of motivation for the main moments which let it to find the required energy when the things are tough .


Here at White Hart Lane, I believe that over the last couple of years the fans and club members have understood what we’re trying to do, our philosophy and the changes we’ve made. They, more than anyone, know the hard work we are making.


About his staff …

I think the coaches are the visible face of a project which involves a lot of people. If you don’t count on great people working with you, who share the same philosophy and show a huge effort, it’s very complicated a coach will success in such a difficult job.

I think that’s a main part of the job, the people who you work together with, people who you can trust and help you to making all this possible.





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