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Interview with Luis de la Fuente, U19 National Team Coach

 “we mainly try to teach values to our players, not only educate them for wining”



The work of the staff of the junior spanish national teams is focused in values, in order to build good people in addition good players, that are able to play in the Spanish National Team at any time.

About this work do from The RFEF, both personally and professionally, Luis de la Fuente, coach of U19 Spanish National Team explains: “we work hard during whole week. On monday we gather information about all matches happened during the weekend and obtain information about all players we are interest for. We work for improving our players’ data base. In addition we watch  matches daily. Actually we watch more matches at the week than during the weekend.”

At present, according to Dela Fuente words, we have an important reserve of young players: “of course however we have a problem, we have only 3 days a month for working with our players, because the call is given monthly. We try to keep a continuous monitoring of the players but also we hope they have a good development for the future. We try to teach them the distinguishing feature of the National team and the RFEF. They are 3 hard work days.”

When a players arrived to U19 Spanish National Team for first time: “we try to include him in the team and by this way a quick adaptation”.


Besides the adaptation, the work of the staff of the junior teams as Luis de la Fuente is also the training as good people:”We mainly try to teach values to our players, not only educate them for wining. We give them the required tools for playing football but also we explain them that although they are playing in First or Second Spanish división every Sunday they are in progress to training because they are 19 at the end. They take not much time to training but we are peaceful because they have a good training into their club thanks to the coaches they have. We varnish this work for get brightness”

Luis de la Fuente says that he is always learning thanks to his players. “I was coaching in a club since 16 years ago. I didn’t know how the federation worked. It was a quick traineeship. You are aware that you can learn constantly thanks to Football. We are all different and I am sure that it has made me best person and coach”

About the evidence of Spain have a good reserve of young players he said:“It is not my preocupation. I try to made a good training work. They come to the National Team thanks to their work. ”

About his wishes for U19 team in this year 2016:

“Mainly we want to build a good work group. Ten of the current players have won the European Championship, and of course we will try to win it again but the satisfaction must be the good work made, not only achieve the victory”


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