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Interview to Vicente del Bosque

 “the more training of coaches will mean the more one for players”

Vicente del Bosque, coach of Spanish Football National Team, talks about his daily work in RFEF and The Spanish National Team. A talk about issues that have nothing to do only with sports results.

The previous work of the coach is essential for what is transmited in the pitch whenever the team plays.

Until Vicente Del Bosque gives the next call, he is working on more other things from his office at the RFEF headquarter in la Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas in Madrid: “In broad strokes, the essential of my work is be the representation of The Spanish Football, of the RFEF, The Spanish National Team and all things relating with the development of the Federation’s sport strategy for our players. The control and monitoring about our players and the opponents, also other activities that have nothing to do with sport but we have to do as representatives of Spanish Football. ”

About his reasons for making each call keeping in mind the physical and technical condition of the players, Del Bosque says: “We try to call the best but also we have been trying to build a group, a team and sometimes we omit the real condition of each one of the players for achieving this aim. ”

Inside the changing room, for managing the different personalities of the players the coach claims that “we haven´t had coexistence troubles, excepting the one that took place few years ago after a match that faced Real Madrid and Barcelona otherwise the relationship is always good. The players come happy to the National Team and they forget the quarrels. Also we have to say that The National Team is not the same that a Club. They are daily inside a club while they come once a month to The National Team and it doesn´t worth search troubles where we must keep a coexistence that mean the basis for the success. We don´t understand a team in which doesn´t exist a good relationship and however it want to have success. It isn´t easy.”

Concerning to the sport aspects and talking about the play sistems with which he is more confortable, he said: “We have to know clearly what we want, independently of our initial picture. The most important thing is to know how we must to play as much in back as in attack. After obviously it depends  of the skills of each player that form the team but always based on our play concept.”

Looking behind and talking about the match that he remember as the most important as coach of National Team he say: “I remember almost every one of them but I wish to underline the final in Ukraina against Italy. Also we played a great match in La Coruña against Belgium that gave us the qualification of The World Cup. But I also remember bad moments as the defeat against Switzerland or the one in FIFA Confederations Cup against USA. The defeats have always been very painful, despite of the success we have achieved in more than a hundred of matches disputed”

Vicente Del Bosque, owner of a clearly defined personality and very different from the one of the previous coach, Luis Aragonés, talks clearly about the begining in the National Team: “Friends of mine said me that it was a bad momento because the National Team had achieved an amazing success at The Euro of Austria but I said everybody that it was the best momento because there was positive energy, good players and good relationships among them. We must admit it, we got a great inheritance. We haven´t tried to delete the past, we have to keep the road that was already traveled.”

The National coach is also informed what the media say. He isn´t indifferent to the criticisms or the congratulations: “I am not that kind of people that say they don´t read or listen what the media say about them. I read and listen almost everything what refering to the National Team. I think that we musn´t be indifferent to what people say about us and on more times we have to be able to listen everybody. We are flexible people but sometimes we are very obstinate. On the other hand we also know that is imposible that everybody is agree with us.”

At the moment to make a call, Del bosque thinks that it isn´t a problem have to choose among great players: “We are living a new phenomenon for us because of the leaving of many players abroad.”

He shows a great affection to all of coaches in all of the categories. “I feel affection for all Spanish coaches. Who are training in the Spanish Premier Division, who are abroad but also all of the unknown coaches working inside or outside of Spain. We are proud of them. But fortunately we have no reason to anyone else country.”

This is due to the training and development that the Spanish coaches have had and are having yet :”without a doubt, it has been one of the key element for Spanish football success, the more training of coaches will mean the more one for players”.

The biggest wishful thinking of Vicente Del Bosque after win the World Cup in 2010 is: ”Be a good representative of Spanish Football independently of win or lose and comply with the responsability every day.”

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