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Interview to Venancio López, coach of the Spanish Futsal National Team.

Which are the essential differences between a football player and a futsal player?

It depends on some aspects. Social aspects specially: enviroment, friends and so on.

But really most children start playing futsal because at the school, when they have the break they play football but it is really futsal. Later some of them continue to play futsal but others start top lay football. Really is easier find five people for playing futsal besides a futsal pitch.

Which are the play systems more used in futsal? And The Spanish National Team?

We must to distinguish between back line and attack. In attack usually is used 1-4-0 an 1-3-1. Sometimes 1-2-2. All of teams control this two systems, 3-1 and 4-0, and are be able to use both.

If we talk about the back line it is a mixture of three kinds; zonal marking, man marking and rotation defence. All of them are useful, but in The National Team we always try to keep the ball so for achieving it we must to put pressure at the attack zone. We use a strong defence near the opponent goal for get back the ball and the defence is a rotation man marking that needs a great coordination, hard training and much control.

In relation with the attack we try to reach the opponent goal quickly, but always building the plays and trying to keep the possesion of the ball.

How you obtain the adaptation to this system for players that usually don´t train together?

It is not easy. We must to search how can we solve this problema. We have to manage a group of 20 players. If come a new player he must to adapt, and it always is not easy so we need time, step by step we get the adaptation of this new player. We call them for friendly matches and by this way they learn to playing under this system.

How you make the calls?Which aspects have you in mind?

I usually try to watch one or two matches in live all of weekends and also i see the rest by video. We need to know which is the real condition of our players, their development. We keep in mind either the quality of the player but also his ability to adapt into the group. I usually say that to The National team don´t come the best players but the most suitable.

How is made the test and scouting?

The are 3-4 people for testing the opponents. Also they test our own game and trainings. We record all trainings, analyse them, and watch them serenely. The Scouting is essential. The test of the opponent, but also the test of your own team. Trainings are fundamental for me, for making corrections.

What is the importance of the staff?

The assistant coach is fundamental. He is the highest support because you need other view but you also can delegate a fraction of your work. His responsability is especially the set play. He test the opponent while I work with our team.

The staff are important because their represent my confidence people. Everything is easy if you have professional people full time working around you.

The physical trainer, Antonio Bores, the coach of goalkeepers, Cesar Arcones, are also essential.. I usually say that all of the components of the staff are important, not only the principal and assistant coach.

Durante el partido: ¿cómo trabajas el tema de los cambios? ¿Los tienes planificados y predispuestos previamente?

During the match, How do you work the substitutions?Have you previouslly planed them?

I form the 5 start and later we prepare the first rotation, the following 4 that will go into the pitch. You are doing changes constantly and you must substitute 4 players. Around the 3 first minutes of play we already do the first rotation. The 4 players that are into the pitch leave it and go into it 4 different. That first rotation is already thought but the following dependo n the situation of the match, of our needs.

How is the physical training of the National Futsal Team?

We haven´t any time for training conditional aspects. I think that the best training is the pitch. I         am in favor of the higuest intensity in trainings, work  with the same parameters of the competition.

How is every day as coach of National Team?

Every day is very intense for me. I watch live and video matches during the week. I manage all National Futsal Teams. I plan and organise all concentrations of the National teams but also the territorial ones and watch players together the staff. Also I teach clinics, courses and training around whole country.

During the concentrations we try to control everything. After the trainings, at night, we analice them, each one of us into our role. We try to correct which is required. We talk with the players, make stadistics, scouting of the opponents and reports. When the concentration ends we make a report so that the clubs know what their players have done in the concentration, and other one for the RFEF in which we explain what we do every day by reports, stadistics, medical aspects and so on. Everything that concerns the National Team.

I am very proud for being the coach of National Team and be able to enjoy all of this work.

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